Werk Composities


You can find most of his compositions on Soundcloud.


4 songs on poems by Boris Ryzhy (2009/2013)

for mezzo soprano, flute/alto flute and piano (c.20') Russian

  1. More (the sea)
  2. Pagadaj mne, tsyganka… (foretell me, gipsy woman)
  3. Ja tebe privezoe iz Gallandii Lega… (I'll bring you Lego from the Netherlands)
  4. Tak ja pon'al: ty dotsj maja, a ne mat'... (So I understand: you're my daughter, and not my mother)

De idioot op het dak (2011)

"The idiot on the roof", for soprano and string quartet (c.7') Dutch

on a poem by Tjitske Jansen

Caged Traffic (2011)

for soprano, tap dancer and large big band (c.11') English

on interview fragments with John Cage

Ik hou zo van verlangen (2010)

"I deeply love desiring" for soprano, clarinets and cello, on poems by Tjitske Jansen (c.14') Dutch

  1. Liefste (Darling)
  2. Als ik dood zou gaan… (If I would die)
  3. Een draak verslaan… (To defeat a dragon)

3 songs on poems by Ingrid Jonker (2006)

for mezzo soprano, viola and piano (c.11"30") African

  1. Ek herhaal jou (I repeat you)
  2. Windliedjie (wind song)
  3. Ek het gedink… (I'd thought)


RECENT instrumental

Duel (2014)

for two violins (c. 4')

Mimesis (2014)

for flute, clarinet, french horn, violin, viola and cello (c. 5'30")

Stalemate (2012)

Blues for piano solo (c.9')

An Ode To Doubt (2012)

for harp and flute/piccolo (c.12')

Chasing Planes/Placing Chains (2009)

for cello octet (c.13')

Stealthy Steps (2008)

for oboe, clarinet, violin, viola and double bass (c.16')

  1. Traces
  2. Leaps
  3. Wander
  4. Steps
  5. Paces

Solace, Solitude (2008)

for string orchestra (c.10'30")

Prime Sonate (2008)

for string quartet (c.5')


Earlier Works

Cornucopia (2003)

for piano quatre-mains; seven movements (c.20')

Stemmetjes... (2003)

for violin playing mezzo soprano (c.4')

Etude (2002)

for piano solo (c.2'30")

Lied van Balder (2001)

for male choir TTBB; three movements (c.10') Dutch on lyrics from Mei by Herman Gorter

Scapeland (2000)

for bass clarinet, French horn, cello en percussion (c.20')

Music for the dance performance Costabravaforever!

Naast waar mijn hand... (2000)

for baritone and piano (c.6'30") Dutch

on a poem by Danny Seljée

Flegma (1999)

for alto saxophone, viola and piano (c.8')

Flegma (1999)

Arrangement for chamber orchestra (c.8') fl/picc, ob/E.h, kl, bkl, bsn/cbsn, hrn, tr, trb, pf, hp, perc, vl I&II, vla, vcl, cb.

Dialogues sur le thème de l'amour I (1999)

for alto/baritone saxophone, cello, piano and percussion (c.9'30")

Duet (1998)

for two violins (c.11')

Bevrijding (1998)

for saxophone quintet and string quintet (c.2'30")

Variaties met Thema (1998)

for piano solo (c.10')

Gran Partita (1997)

for saxophone quintet and string quintet; seven movements (c.32')

Treurmars (1997)

for flugelhorn, 3 french hoorns en double bass (c.7')

5 Jeneverliedjes (1997)

for women choir SMA (c.9') Dutch

on poems by J.F. van Waveren

Visjes (1997)

for clarinet, bassoon, French horn, violin, viola, cello, harp and marimba (c.15')

Epoque (1996)

rondo for piano solo (c.9'30")

VolLedig (1996)

for 3 percussionists (c.10')

5 wiegeliedjes voor kindertjes of een zachte dood (1996)

for piano solo (c.11')

5 liederen op gedichten van H. Marsman (1995)

for soprano and piano (c.17') Dutch Vlam, Phoenix, De Bruid, Herfst, Berusting