About Fant Vision

Having dabbled in pop and theatre music after leaving the Conservatory of Amsterdam, I came to realise that the music I want to make should first and foremost move me. By this I mean that the most important thing in music is the emotion it invokes. Does it stir something inside me? Am I swept away by it? Is it authentic? And all of this before I make an academic judgement about it. The unspeakable in music is often simplicity, yet what I try to achieve is a perfect mix of pulse, rhythm and tonal combination.

My music writing these last few years has been a natural process of blending together a wide range of influences. These influences are generally classical structures and tonal possibilities on the one hand, and the pulse, sentiment, intensity and directness of pop music on the other; I want my music to touch, stir and swing.

This means that the boundaries between genres are gradually dissolving in my music. It is born from the idea that music is a single entity or shape and that any means may be used to create the desired effect. I call this composing by intuition. Without any pre-planned structures, forms or sequences: purely by instinct.

About Fant